Bracken Arts Staff endeavour to control, monitor and manage behaviour in order to ensure the smooth running of camp and enjoyment of all its participants.

Expected Behaviour from Children

  • Show respect for all children at camp ensuring all children enjoy a positive camp experience.
  • Swearing, abusive and hurtful language is not acceptable.
  • Aggressive behaviour or violence will not be tolerated.
  • Show respect for all personal property and the facilities.
  • Show respect for all staff.
  • Listen to and follow instructions of the staff team.
  • A child’s behaviour will not be allowed to endanger the other children in the group by absorbing or distracting the supervising staff.

Parent Responsibilities

  • We would expect you to inform us both verbally of any potential behaviour issues that would help us deal with your child whilst at camp.
  • You should be aware of the expected behaviour when your child attends camp.
  • We would expect you to support action taken by staff to encourage good behaviour.

    Behaviour management procedure

  1. Initially the Group Leader will try to deal with the situation.
  2. If unsuccessful: Co-ordinator will try to deal with the situation, removing the child from the group but having a witness.
  3. If unsuccessful: Parent/carer will be involved. The camp co-ordinator with contact the parent / carer and discuss the issues with them.
  4. If unsuccessful: The Co-ordinator will consider suspending or expel the child after consultation with Management. Bracken Arts Staff reserve the right to have participants removed from the camp without refund.

Medical Conditions

Parents are requested to inform us on booking of their child’s medical history and most importantly make us aware of any medical conditions or illness the child may suffer from. Children suffering from Asthma should have their inhaler or medication with them at all times during the camp. Parents of children who suffer from extreme allergic reactions and carry an anapen must inform management and complete the required documentation on registration. Parents must give written consent for staff to take responsibility of administering medication in the unlikely event of an allergic reaction or accident occurring.

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