10 recycled art projects for kids that reuse what you’re already recycling.

1) Recycled toilet paper tubes are great for art projects! A nice & easy one for toddlers is to stamp circles using the toilet paper tubes.
2) Recycle any and all packaging you receive!
Bubble wrap is lots of fun and can be used to make bubble wrap prints.
We’ve used it for a leaf collage as well as shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day! bubble wrap printed rainbow’s?
3) Brown paper in some packages can be reused as wrapping paper and is a great canvas for kids to create on!
4) Save your tin cans! Use them as paint & pencil holders or water holders.  Tuna cans work great for paint or glue too. Paint them, make them pretty and turn them into homemade wind chimes or Candle holders!
5) Reuse old toothbrushes, great for cleaning gunk out of hard to reach places, but fantastic for art projects! They make great splatter paintings…..Jackson-Pollock style art!
6) Recycled bottles – different shapes & sizes to make prints using the bottom of them great to make flowers, or snowflakes.
7) CARDBOARD – great for all sorts of things – easy to cut out shapes or letters to use with paper mâché! Rainbows & love heartsMY FAVOURITE!!!
8) Recycle broken crayons into new crayons, or find many ways to reuse broken crayons instead of just throwing them out – hot people melt is a great project to reuse & super engaging.
9) Recycled egg cartons also work great for many hands on projects, Toddler Approved made egg carton flowers or soak in water for paper mâché pulp…wind chimes & beautiful Christmas decorations!
10) I have collected 10 recycled materials to save for hands on projects…without even realising… there’s so many ideas!

11) Old markers, crack open the plastic & place the inside colour tube into a jar of warm water – don’t forget to put the lid on! You can create fantastic inks for free!!

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