Art is a line around your thoughts.

– Gustav Klimt 

Bracken Arts run process led art workshops for Children in North Wexford.   They strive to create an environment where ‘every’ child can find success and feel a sense of fulfilment through the process of ‘creating & making’

Bracken Arts founder, Shanon Mitchell O’Bracken, graduated from Art College in the UK in 1993 – studying Art & Design & specialising in Graphic Design & Communication.  Shanon has worked in many design practises in the UK & Ireland & merged her own studio practice as a freelance graphic artist ( with ‘Bracken Arts ‘  designing, developing & teaching Children’s Arts Workshops.  In addition Shanon’s lifelong passion for drawing, painting, printmaking & typography is evident in the diverse level of creative projects ava

ilable in her arts programme. Children experience skills in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Clay, Paper Mache, Collage,  Textiles & Typography.

As a mother of two children Shanon can see first hand how important it is for children to experiment, express themselves through art & create work unique to themselves whilst allowing free creative play in a supportive environment – her principle is simply to inspire, encourage & create!

Shanon welcomes the opportunity to enrich your child’s life with new adventures in the world of art.

If you would like to book an art workshop or Art Camp please contact Shanon on 087 973 7739 or email

Inspire, encourage, create!

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